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I take pictures and sometimes draw. in this blog I post all kinds of pictures from my life. visit my website: inanederdal.com. I'm always looking for new faces to shoot. contact me: ina.nederdal@hotmail.com all photos are © Ina Nederdal

Sunday, 8 February 2009

I flew home to spend the weekend with you. 2008


  1. mirror shows such squinty eyes... no wonder you need a lens to see the world

    love this new outlet of yours - i have a poorly maintainted one of my own, but you (along with too many others) encourage me to give it some love. http://fucklameshit.blogspot.com: i just posted an album by an old group from Edinburgh that i really want you to hear!

    k iss


  2. I love your work! I'm more of a writer myself, but I recently started taking a photography class and when I came upon your blog, I thought wow. What a beautiful light you see the world in! :)


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